Civil Rights Violations

Types of Civil Rights Violations

Despite the advances of civilization and the freedoms offered within the democracy of the United States of America, citizens and organizations can still violate another person’s civil rights in multiple ways. Criminal civil rights violations as a result of another’s hatred and violent responses to that person’s lawful religious, racial, ethnic, or sexual freedoms, employment infringements and exploitation, religious practice interference, healthcare and housing hindrances, exclusion from public places, and any type of official misconduct toward those who are protected under civil rights laws fall under the definition of civil rights violations, giving those who suffer such violations the freedom to receive compensation for the losses incurred by the mistreatment of those who violate the law by violating the rights of others.

  • Criminal civil rights violations: hate crimes, physical attack, death threats, property damage, armed threats, threats involving family members
  • Employment infringements: hiring and firing decisions based on race, practices, or orientation rather than on qualifications and experience; favoritism, exclusion, or punishment based on unlawful discrimination; exploitation or involuntary servitude within the workplace
  • Religious practice interference: disruption of or hindrance to religious practices and lifestyles that are lawful and non-violent to other citizens
  • Health care and housing hindrances: rejection for coverage or lawful rent and purchase based on unlawful discrimination
  • Exclusion and official misconduct: service and access refused by proprietors of restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, and any other place established and maintained for public use; unacceptable treatment or disregard by officials

How to File a Complaint

Suffering a civil rights violation can be humiliating and emotionally draining. Understanding how to file a complaint can help someone who has suffered from this disgrace to respond in an appropriate, controlled manner for the sake of justice and ongoing civil rights. A complaint can be filed by the person who has suffered the civil rights violation or by an attorney on behalf of the victim. Along with the names of the victim, witnesses, and perpetrators, the complaint should also include a description of the violation and a clear statement about the inclusion of any physical damage or injury in the violation.

  • Complaints may be reported by victim or on behalf of a victim.
  • Names of victim, witnesses, and perpetrators should be included.
  • Description of violation and indication of damage or injuries should be reported.

Legal Assistance for Civil Rights Violations

After a complaint with the appropriate department has been filed and a response has been received, hiring an experienced civil rights attorney will enable the case to proceed to filing the appropriate lawsuit and receiving professional representation in court in order to receive justice and compensation.

  • File a complaint and wait for a response.
  • Contact a skilled civil rights attorney after filing a complaint.
  • File a lawsuit with professional assistance.

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