Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

In New Mexico, motor vehicle accidents happen every day. In every case, an accident is the result of some failing to follow traffic rules. This can happen because of:

  • A medical emergency, such as a heart attack, that strikes the driver

  • An event inside the vehicle that distracts the driver from driving safely

  • The influence of alcohol, drugs, or exhaustion on the driver

  • Simple disregard of traffic laws through carelessness

It is a tragedy any time a driver is injured or killed by his own failure to follow traffic rules, but it’s even worse when an innocent victim is hurt because he or she was in the way. We would all agree that these victims should not have to pay for their own recovery from an accident, but unfortunately, without the help of a personal injury lawyer, that’s exactly what happens in many cases.

Responsibility for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Who is responsible for an accident? Obviously, it depends on the situation. It may be easy to tell immediately after the event who was in the wrong, but with the passing of time, it becomes harder to prove just what happened. There are several steps that a victim needs to take as soon as possible after a car accident:

  • Get the contact information of eyewitnesses

  • Take as many pictures and videos of the scene as possible

  • Have the police present to fully document the accident

  • Get checked out by a doctor immediately to identify any injuries caused by the accident

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer in New Mexico to make sure you get the financial compensation you deserve

As you struggle to heal, your attorney will take care of building your case and negotiating with the responsible party’s insurance company to get you enough money to cover all of your upcoming medical bills and lost wages.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

The reason litigation is so often necessary after motor vehicle accidents is because insurance companies strongly resist paying on claims. This situation is unfortunate, but the truth is that it usually takes the clout of a legal expert to force an insurance company to make a payment that is fair. The responsible insurance company might:

  • Offer a very small payment soon after the accident, hoping that you will accept it and give up your right to demand more in the future

  • Claim that you were partly responsible for the accident and not entitled to full compensation

  • Deny all responsibility for the car crash, hoping that you do not have enough evidence to prove your case

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