Defective Motorcycles Sold to Consumers

The investment in a motorcycle and the choice to entrust life and well-being to the best bikes on the road, automatically implies an expectation that during production and testing everything has been done to create a motorcycle that is trustworthy and safe. But when an accident happens and despite the horror of the idea, it is important to remember that defective motorcycles do hit the market. Even trusted companies can inadvertently sell bikes that have serious defective functions or parts.

  • Defective motorcycles can result from one or more defective parts.

  • Defective motorcycles can cause serious accidents when bikes malfunction and cause the driver to lose control.

  • Defective motorcycles have slipped through the production lines of major, trusted motorcycle companies such as Harley Davidson. The wobble that resulted from defects that created severe risks when the bikes reached high speeds has become notorious for the danger it created to bikers.

Motorcycle Companies Are Responsible for Defective Motorcycles

The responsibility for defective motorcycles lies with the company that produces the bike. Since customers purchase these motorcycles with the confidence in the promises of quality production and testing, the weight of communication about defects rests on the production company. Any failure to communicate concerns or defects to customers results in specific and dangerous liabilities.

  • Manufacturers are liable for defective parts or functions that create a defective motorcycle.

  • Manufacturers must properly communicate as soon as hazards are discovered.

  • Manufacturers carry complete responsibility for accidents that result from defective motorcycles.

Defective Motorcycle Cases Demand an Expert

Since the ramifications of producing a defective motorcycle are so vast to manufacturers, cases involving defective motorcycles can be extremely difficult. Additionally, the appropriate evidence for a defective motorcycle requires technical and engineering expertise that can be adequately incorporated into careful arguments and convincing presentations of details. Those who suspect a defective motorcycle as the cause of an accident should find a trusted representative to adequately gather and dispense the evidence that is necessary for the case to turn out in the favor of the individual over the large companies.

  • Motorcycle companies will fiercely fight any charges connected to defective motorcycles and accidents.

  • Victims of accidents involving defective motorcycles must seek out a skilled and experienced attorney to represent their case adequately and thoroughly.

  • An effective lawyer presenting a defective motorcycle case will consult technical and engineering specialists who will provide adequate evidence.

  • A committed attorney in a defective motorcycle case will carefully interpret and apply the technical data in order to defend the rights of the individual.

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