Expert New Mexico Injury Lawyers
Killian Davis Richter & Mayle is a law firm with years of experience on their side. Their courteous and compassionate lawyers have expertise in a variety of areas to provide a comprehensive service to their constituency. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or had a loved one die as the result of someone else’s negligence, Killian Davis Richter & Mayle will listen to your case and counsel you on a plan of action.

There are more than 6 million motor vehicle accidents a year in the United States, and about half of them result in permanent injury. Such injuries can rob a person of his way of life and his means of supporting himself, so it is important to get help from someone who understands the numerous laws and insurance issues related to the road. Killian Davis Richter & Mayle have lawyers ready to try any type of motor vehicle accident as well as uninsured motorists.

Car Accidents—They interview witnesses and check police reports as soon as possible to get the most accurate information.

Truck Accidents—They understand that the sheer size of a truck means a heavier toll on those involved in an accident, including spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and even death.

Motorcycle Accidents—They fight for your rights with insurance companies that are sometimes reluctant to compensate when it comes to riskier motorcycles.

Cases Involving Work
The average American spends a large part of his day at work, so it is only to be expected that accidents will occur. If you have sustained an injury or been exposed to a harmful substance at work, you may be entitled to a settlement. Killian Davis Richter & Mayle can help you win compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and damages after a work-related accident. They even have experience in Social Security Disability cases.

Worker’s Compensation—The team will work with employers, doctors, and insurance companies to make sure you are taken care of.

Coal Mine, Oil, and Gas—They are able to negotiate with companies regarding the many laws and regulations that govern high-risk job fields.

Radiation Exposure Compensation Act—They have a 97% success rate when it comes to helping uranium workers, mill workers, and ore haulers who have been exposed to dangerous chemicals receive compensation.

Cases Involving Negligence
Suffering is made worse when it is the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. Because it often comes down to one person’s word against another, these cases can be difficult to win; however, the skilled legal team of Killian Davis Richter & Mayle has what it takes to make sure your rights are preserved.

Personal Injury—They understand the nuances of the many definitions associated with this type of case.

Product Liability—The practice focuses primarily on defective or dangerous automobiles, but they are willing to advise you on any case involving an injury related to a defective product.

Wrongful Death—If you have lost a loved one because of someone’s wrongdoing, you and your family may be entitled to a settlement.