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New Mexico’s highways are full of trucking activities. Semi trucks move products and materials around the state by the millions of tons at any given second, making the highways the literal spine of the nation’s economy. To become a truck driver, individuals must past stringent classes and certifications, and are almost constantly under review by the companies which entrust their cargo to them. However, negligent driving all too often results in accidents on the motorways. Semi trucks, often far heavier and more dangerous than most compact vehicles on the road, can cause incalculable damages: Over 100,000 large truck crashes take place in the United States every year–more 250 a day–with many of them resulting in serious injury or death. In addition, the majority of those cases are due to driver or company negligence resulting from:

  • Improper Maintenance
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Inadequate Training
  • Disorganized or unrecorded maintenance techniques

Establishing Liability in New Mexico Truck Accidents

When individuals are victimized in vehicular accidents involving large trucks, often things can get complicated quickly from a legal perspective. Semi trucks come with a high amount of financial overhead in terms of maintenance and operations, which means that the operators and companies that facilitate them spend a lot of money on insurance. A trucking company does not often react kindly to its safeguards–which can include everything from daily inspection and maintenance to precise satellite monitoring of the truck fleet–being accused of having failed. When legal or insurance claims come to bear against a semi operator or company, the individuals victimized are at risk of being overwhelmed. For this reason, it is vital that victims of semi truck accidents contact a highly experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Contacting a lawyer quickly additionally prevents insurance companies, operators and trucking companies from obfuscating or destroying records which might conclusively prove liability.

The attorney’s job is to establish liability against the trucking company, to prove that the driver or company was negligent in causing the accident. Such avenues of proving liability might include:

  • Proving that maintenance was documented in an improper manner
  • Using on-truck GPS records to establish a pattern of reckless or unprofessional driving
  • Obtaining truck driver’s cell phone records to prove distracted driving

Call a Highly Experienced Lawyer

An auto case involving two compact cars can often be a relatively simple case. When an accident involves a semi truck, however, litigation is often against not a person, but a well-armed organization. In any of the below possible situations, things can become extremely complex in the courtroom:

  • Pedestrian involved in semi accident
  • Collision involving a semi truck, resulting in damage, injury or death
  • Loss of cargo due to negligent driving
  • Loss of vehicle due to negligent driving

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