Lawyers in New Mexico Helping with Victims of Coal Mine Accidents

Every year, thousands of coal mining workers are injured because of faulty equipment, dangerous circumstances, or leadership neglect. If you have been affected by a coal mine accident, you need help from a law firm that can handle the situation quickly, professionally, and compassionately. At Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC in New Mexico, we provide attorneys who know exactly how to handle incidents involving coal mine accidents with your best interest in mind.

  • Our lawyers are professionally trained to deal with car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicular accidents along with personal, brain, and spinal injuries, oil and gas accidents, and wrongful deaths.

  • Our expert attorneys are more than able to handle occupational illnesses and injuries due to coal mine accidents and will better instruct you on how to go about filing a claim if you are eligible for compensation.

Knowing the Next Step to Take

  • There are many different types of accidents that can take place at a coal mine: anything from electrical malfunctions to entrapment, accidental explosion of chemicals, falling or sliding rocks and other materials, falls while placing propping equipment, fires, impoundment, mining equipment failures, flooding, poisonous gas leaks, inadequate training, deliberate exposure to danger, and more. Sometimes, these accidents can be a direct result of an irresponsible manager, which places them at liability.

  • As a victim of a coal mine accident, you need someone who is going to take care of you. At Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC we will provide you with the help and care you deserve. We can assist with both permanent partial or total disabilities. We will also fight for the loved ones who have lost family members due to coal mine incidents. Contact our office to begin taking the next steps to receiving assistance in gaining compensation for these unfortunate events.

Our Firm Provides the Best Legal Care in New Mexico

  • We at Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC desire to show you the best way to handle unfortunate accidents that has brought a lot of struggle to you or the family of a victim of a coal mining accident. Our attorneys are always available to help those who are currently suffering the effects of those incidents. Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm to find out how you can find hope from filing a claim.

  • Whether you are a direct victim of a coal mine accident or a family member of a coal miner whose death is due to an accident caused by negligence from others, we have the information you need to take the next step in getting help.

Causes of Oil and Gas Accidents

Companies that are responsible for processing and transporting large amounts of oil and gas accept the liability that such a responsibility creates for all those who work around and handle these products. Because of the risk associated with oil and gas, worksites must be carefully monitored and cared for. When tanks, gas lines, drilling rigs, and pipelines are not properly maintained, accidents are inevitable. Failure to respond to reports of leaks or to provide proper safety measures through equipment and training also cause the likelihood of an accident to be increased.

  • Oil and gas companies carry full responsibility for creating and maintaining an accident-free work zone.

  • Maintenance failures related to gas lines, pipelines, tanks, and drilling rigs cause the risk of an accident to increase.

  • Safety measure failures or reported leak negligence are also major factors that lead to gas and oil accidents.

Types of Oil and Gas Accidents

Gas and oil accidents can occur within in large commercial companies, on the highways, or even in homes. Fires and explosions from propane or gas appliances that are defective can threaten the safety of a home while gas leaks, pipeline explosions, drilling rig blowouts, and major oil spills and chemical plant and refinery accidents can affect hundreds or even thousands of workers and citizens. Accidents that occur during shipment and transportation of oil and gas by highway or by water also have devastating results on many people—workers and bystanders—as well.

  • Oil and gas accidents in the home appear in the form of fires and explosions from propane and/or appliances fueled by gas that are defective.

  • Widespread devastation often occurs from gas leaks, pipeline explosions, oil spills, drilling rig blowouts, and accidents related to chemical plants and refineries.

  • Oil and gas spills and accidents harm employees and bystanders when these accidents take place during the transportation of these substances.

Results of Gas Accidents

Environmental damage created by mining processes and other types of oil and gas accidents has continued to negatively affect the communities and lives of many, often in ways that are imperceptible at first. Personal injury, serious health conditions, and even death to employees, work crew members, or even people living in residential areas nearby the scene of the accident are possible. Although oil and gas companies often cover the risks they choose to take by depending on skilled and experienced legal defense, the rights of any individual who has been harmed in any way through an oil or gas accident are still vitally important and worth reporting for the benefit of the injured party and for others who might suffer from continued carelessness or neglect.

  • Widespread environmental damage often occurs after oil and gas accidents.

  • Employees and work crew members within oil and gas companies can suffer serious injuries and health conditions from accidents within their workplace.

  • Serious accidents can cause death to workers and bystanders.

The Dog Owner’s Responsibility

Dog bites are actually fairly common occurrences. Some instances are relatively minor, while others can involve major trauma or even death. The dog owner usually has the highest degree of responsibility or liability in the incident.

In many states, including New Mexico, a dog owner is allowed to assume that his/her dog is not dangerous until it has demonstrated some form of aggression toward humans. While biting is an obvious display of threatening behavior, there are several other ways that the dog’s intentions may be demonstrated.

  • If a dog threatens people by growling or snapping, the owner should anticipate that it has the potential to harm someone.

  • If a large dog has a habit of jumping on people, even in play, the owner should realize that it has the potential to harm someone by knocking them down.

  • If a dog routinely runs along a fence line barking or chasing passersby, the owner should be aware that the dog might hurt someone if given the opportunity.

  • If a dog simply barks at strangers, but shows no other threatening behaviors, the owner is not likely to be liable if it bites a person.

  • If a dog has demonstrated aggression toward other dogs but not toward humans, it is not assumed to be dangerous.

If a dog is determined to be dangerous by these or other criteria, the owner has the responsibility to keep him from hurting people and would be held liable if someone is harmed. If the dog cannot be proven to be dangerous, the owner would not likely be liable for an initial incident.

The Dog Owner’s Defense

Of course, the entire responsibility for a dog bite does not always rest with the owner. Sometimes the person harmed has done something to aggravate the animal.

  • If an injured person provoked the dog in some manner, such as by hitting the dog, the owner may not be held completely liable for the injury.

  • If an injured person is aware of the risk of injury but took it anyway, the owner may not be liable. This category commonly affects veterinarians and dog groomers. It also may include individuals who ignore warning signs.

  • If an injured person is trespassing, it is possible that the owner may not be liable, but often this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

  • If an injured person was careless in some manner, they may be held at least partially liable for the injury.

Many of these guidelines are subject to interpretation and will be decided by the courts based on the circumstances of the case.

Compensation for Dog Bites

If a dog owner is proven to be at fault, there are several categories of compensation they may be required to pay. These may include:

  • Medical bills

  • Income lost due to the injury

  • Pain and suffering

  • Any property damage that may have occurred